In their book Already Ready, Katie Wood Ray and Matt Glover (2008) discuss the importance of bringing children into the “literacy club”–in other words, helping children understand and believe that they are writers and readers.

“Members of the literacy club are people who read and write, even the beginners, and the fact that one is not very competent yet is no reason for exclusion or ridicule.  A newcomer is the same kind of person as the most proficient club member, except that he or she hasn’t yet had much experience” (Frank Smith, 1988, found in Ray & Glover, 2008).

Wanting to support children’s membership in the literacy club, one of the first experiences I facilitated in our learning space was creating cubby tags with the children.  I photographed each child’s face and pasted it to a long narrow strip of paper.  One side for their photograph and the other for them to write their name.


The information below appears on an 81/2 X 11 documentation page located near the cubbies.  It communicates the effort and importance of the children’s new cubby tags to family members and other adults in the center.  Taking the seemingly small experiences like this one and helping others to see the deep value it holds for children is an important part of being a child advocate and teacher.

JWC writing documentation3


Already Ready: Nurturing Writers in Preschool and Kindergarten by Katie Wood Ray and Matt Glover

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