Hi. I’m Becky. I love all things family, homey, and-since completing my graduate studies in early education- Reggio Emilia-y.

Spending time with my family is top priority in my world. When we bought our first house in December 2011, creating 2000 sq. ft. into a home became a favorite past-time! And, in Winter 2013 I graduated from an Early Childhood Education Masters program in which my passion for teaching young children was deepened.

In Spring 2013, I attended a conference about empowering youth through education, social media, and mentor programs.  At this conference I became inspired to share my passion for learning with as many as I could reach. A blog!

Some of my teaching experiences include:

Pre-Kindergarten Lead Teacher, Present

Toddlers – 5 year old children

Creates a learning environment in which young children are inspired to explore, create, pretend, and discover.  Observes and listens to children as they play in order to encourage depth of thinking and provoke future experiences that follow children’s wonderings and questions.  Collaborates with teaching colleagues and includes children’s family caregivers to provide consistent care focused on supporting the unique needs of each child.

Substitute Teacher, 2013-2014

Pre-Kindergarten-Third Grade

Substitute taught for short and long term needs in pre-kindergarten and elementary classrooms.

Assistant Teacher, 2010-2013

Third Grade

Assisted with, planned, and taught learning experiences for children needing extra support and for those ready to dive deeper.  Collaborated with teachers to differentiate learning experiences.  Designed bulletin boards highlighting children’s understandings.  Attended professional development conferences.  Documented educational experiences using digital cameras and transcribing conversations with children.  Used the Internet and multimedia projectors, along with learning websites to enhance and extend children’s development.

Substitute Teacher, 2009-2010

Pre-Kindergarten-Fifth Grade

Substitute taught in pre-kindergarten and elementary classes as needed.

Student Teacher, 2007

First Grade

Designed and facilitated daily learning experiences for three weeks and co-taught with cooperating teacher for nine weeks.  Graded assignments, attended professional development workshops, and worked with children who had special needs.

Lead Coordinator and Teacher, Summers of 1998-2004

Infants, Toddlers, and 4-8 year old children

Collaborated and guided learning experiences with other pre-kindergarten teachers.  Prepared and directed the learning activities for children in summer programs.

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